The Classy Investor


Stephen Miller, the immigration hard-liner who has been one of Donald Trump’s longest-serving political advisers, tends to get worked up during his media appearances. Those appearances are generally with sympathetic (if not

In the days since the Alabama state Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are people, Democrats have begun to seize on the decision, casting it as further evidence of a Republican-led assault

Republicans’ push to impeach President Biden has now suffered its most significant setback, after a long succession of shortcomings, contradictions and failures to connect the dots. An informant whose account of bribes

As a general rule, Donald Trump’s articulated plans for his presidency are nebulous. This is partly tactical; he has in the past suggested that offering specifics ties his hands in ways he

Donald Trump’s attorneys say they plan to file at least 10 motions in federal court in Florida on Thursday as they try to convince a judge to toss out the criminal case

When then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced in September that the House Republican conference would move forward with an impeachment inquiry targeting President Biden, he identified a few promising threads of investigation. One was

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