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Quick Look:Russia is developing new transport corridors through Iran and the Arctic to connect with Asia, avoiding European routes; The corridors aim to reduce transit times by 30%-50%, enhancing trade safety and reliability; Despite global tensions, the projects attract interest from major

Quick Look:Recently launched on the Olympus Network, POLIS has surged to £5.28. It marked a 24-hour increase of 63,428.2% and a 7-day rise of 76,123.8%. From a low of £0.0001518 to a market cap of over £81 million, the token’s

Quick OverviewSteep Price Drop: Omni Network’s (OMNI) price plummeted to $24.09, a 55.23% decrease in just 24 hours, amidst a trading volume spike to $743 million, showcasing extreme market volatility; Historical Volatility: OMNI experienced its all-time high and low within one

Quick Look:Industrial Demand Surges: Silver usage in industries, particularly for green technologies like solar panels, is driving an unprecedented 9% growth; Significant Supply Deficit: Persistent supply challenges are expected to keep silver prices buoyant, potentially reaching $30 per ounce; Mixed Investment Interest:

Quick Look:Widespread Protests: Employees protested a $1.2B deal with the Israeli government, resulting in arrests and a high-profile sit-in; Corporate Crackdown: Google responded by putting participants on leave, then firing them, citing policy violations; Broader Implications: The incident may influence future tech

The Federal Aviation Administration lifted a ground stop for all Alaska Airlines flights Wednesday after grounding the planes earlier as a result of a computer problem at the carrier. The Seattle-based airline

Companies often see their stock price jump after announcing job cuts, as Wall Street rallies around the prospects for improved efficiency and profits. But that’s not how investors treated the latest news out