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On the rise: Valeria Doctors — your one-stop premium medical and dental aesthetics clinic

Launched on April 2, 2022, Valeria Doctors aims to redefine the landscape of Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine in the Philippines. Owned by three young and promising professionals, Dr. Patricia Diana Suiza, Dr. Lieth Momani and Dr. Brian Punzal, Valeria is set to leave footprints in the global industry as they venture not only in providing excellent and world-class clinical practice but also in promoting Medical and Dental Tourism.

Dr. Suiza, president of Valeria Doctors, shares that she always wants to be different and to make a difference. Valeria is her brainchild. While her colleagues build multilocated practices, she embarks on learning the ins and outs of Aesthetic Medicine since her husband, Dr. Momani is a certified Aesthetic Doctor and Cosmetic Surgeon. Together, they build an empire rooted on their skills and passion. She hired business coaches and mentors and took up Entrepreneurial Development courses to further her knowledge outside her dental profession. She is now being tagged as the Queen of Veneers by her growing number of patients and supporters. She also specializes in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry.

Dr. Momani is a rising superstar in the field of Cosmetic Surgery and is being known for his natural-looking and scarless techniques which he developed himself. Dr.Punzal, a pride of Ilocos Norte, who is also a cosmetic dentist, wows the world with his superb skills in Oral Surgery and Endodontics.

Valeria Doctors boasts about providing patients a VIP experience apart from quality services. “There are a lot of doctors who can do what we can. After all, we all go through rigorous studies and trainings so we don’t want to underestimate our colleagues. However, not everyone can do things the way we do. It is the ‘how’ that sets us apart. While others aim to be known for what they do, we wish to be remembered for how we make people feel — the confidence that they gain after going through smile transformation or cosmetic enhancements, the feeling of being important and the total improvement on perception of oneself among a lot,” says Doc Tricia. “Me, when I talk, I always say that we should treat every patient the way we would want our mothers to be treated; or to be attended to.”

Valeria Doctors also vows to adapt to current trends by going into Digital Dentistry and investing on quality aesthetic machines and LASERs. They also operate on a paperless system and even provide virtual consultations. The founders believe that the key to survive a fast-changing world is to not get tired of learning. “It is through continuous education that we sustain a high standard of practice and it is a commitment to our patients.” “In Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine, even our minimum standard should be high — at the very least, a clinic should have licensed and well-trained doctors, doctors’ procedures should not be done by non-doctors and an outstanding sterilization protocol is a must,” Doc Tricia mentioned.

Since Valeria Doctors is technically a baby, the people behind it are rabid game-changers. “The goal is to always be able to deliver the ultimate treatment for the patients and the cost should be a secondary consideration. At the end of the day, we get what we pay for. To exalt the practice, we need to keep pushing the needle and we have to keep raising the bar of excellence. We have to be the change that we wish to see in the industry and it starts with the willpower.”

“It has always been my dream to be a household name in whatever path I choose to pursue. I have been very vocal about my ambition to be known for my advocacies and my skill set. Truth is, finding my passion has been difficult. In the beginning, I thought it was surgery; I thought it was blood; until I figured it’s in “beauty.” In the journey, I realized that the best way to emerge is by viewing my dreams from the perspective of help. I used to question myself about what I want but everything changed when I started to ask how I can help — how can I help the industry? How can I give more integrity to our profession? How can I best serve our patients? How can I make a significant change that will create an impact in a global state?” says Doc Tricia.

In our current world where beauty is viewed differently and critically, Valeria Doctors finds a space to build and nurture. As doctors, Valeria focuses on three things in specific order of importance: HEALTH, FUNCTIONALITY and AESTHETICS.

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